My grandmother raised me in a poor section of Miami, Florida. Although we were poor, she did the best she could. She taught me to dream the American Dream – go to school, work hard and then go for your dream. When I was 14 my grandmother had to enter a nursing home, and I was on my own. Still following her advice, I finished high school and went to work immediately after graduating. I’ve been working ever since.

I’ve never been independently wealthy, at least not as far as money is concerned. But I am grateful for the wealth I have in my relationships with my husband, our family, extended family members, and very dear friends. However, I am concerned about each of our futures. I am especially concerned about the future of our daughters, sons and grandchildren in Georgia's 12th District. 

I am running for our shared values: Freedom, Security and Opportunity. We want leaders who have a deep, internal conviction that we are ALL human, deserving of freedom, protection and opportunities for success that we all seek. 

I am running for families like yours and my own – hard-working members of our community who want to support their families with living wages. Living wages sets everyone on the pathway to achieving and enjoying the American Dream. Georgia’s 12th District workers deserve living wages. Workers across America deserve living wages – wages that cover the rising costs of comfortable housing, home ownership, quality childcare, healthy meals, good healthcare, and great education. Our wages should also cover our futures by allowing each of us to save for a comfortable retirement. 

Like many of you, I KNOW what it’s like to worry about which bill to pay. I KNOW what it’s like to worry about illness because I couldn’t always afford good health insurance. I KNOW what it’s like to worry about

public education being enough for my children and grandchildren, because we couldn’t always afford expensive extracurricular activities.

Most of our current Congress are independently wealthy and they do not understand how their decisions affect the average American's life. However, if we want a Congress that will enact laws that benefit us all, then we should have a Congress that truly represents and understands us. I have lived in the 12th District for over twenty years. I have walked in your shoes. I know what we are capable of and I know how Congress can empower us to get there.

It's TIME for NEW and EFFECTIVE Leadership. I am that leader, ready to serve as your U.S. Representative in the 117th Congress from Georgia's 12th District. Make me your choice on the November 3, 2020 General Election ballot. I most humbly thank you.

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