Right to Vote – I stand firm against voter suppression in any of its many forms. We must protect our fundamental right to vote. Voter registration and our elections MUST be free, fair and easily accessible.


Equal Pay – I strongly support equal pay for equal work, and I pledge to do all that I can to bring about change that ensures workers receive equal compensation for equal work. For far too long, women and persons of color have been short-changed in their wages.

Civil Rights and Liberties – I support the establishment and growth of programs that respect and protect our civil rights and liberties.  We are a nation founded on the idea that we are ALL created equal. TOGETHER, we are to defend liberty and justice for all.


Health Security – I support access to quality healthcare for all. Regardless of a person’s background, economic standing, or stage of life, everyone deserves treatment of illnesses AND preventative health care. Quality health care for ALL is feasible and achievable when we come together and make it a priority. 

Safe Communities – I pledge to work across the aisle in Congress and with state and local elected officials to see that meaningful reforms are made to law enforcement agencies throughout this country. Our shared values include keeping our families and communities safe.

Security for Seniors and Veterans- Social security is a promise the U.S. made to its citizens and as your Congresswoman, I will make sure we keep our promises and protect this valuable program for future generations. Our Veterans deserve our highest respect and we must provide for their security at all levels of life.

Environment and Climate Security - I pledge to support initiatives that lead to better stewardship of our Planet Earth for generations to come. Clean air, clean water, and clean energy will sustain a high quality of life. As your Congresswoman, I will assist farmers, manufacturers and consumers in leading our great nation in the development of a more sustainable future.


Education – I pledge to work on behalf of our children, parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, and universities to make our public schools places of excellence. In Georgia’s 12th District and across our great country, EVERY child in EVERY community deserves top quality education.

Wages & Benefits – I am committed to supporting legislation that focuses on an economy that works for ALL. Workers in Georgia’s 12th and across the U.S. deserve living wages and job benefits that allow them to live worry-free, meet basic needs, save and invest for retirement, and maintain a healthy balance between their working hours and family lives. 

Marketplace – I pledge to work on behalf of our district to ensure that our marketplace takes good care of us as consumers and truly supports our small businesses, family farms and workers. Our marketplace should also foster the spirit of entrepreneurship with support for growth.

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